Midwest Tesla Gathering: Meet Me in St. Louis - June 4th, 2016

Posted on April 22, 2016 by Matt Pressman

Guest Blog Post: Liz Gattra, President of the St. Louis Tesla Enthusiasts

I’ve owned my Tesla Model S, “Lithie”, since Jan 21st, 2013. In just over 3 years I have put 109,000 miles on my car. I’ve driven from St. Louis as far west as Hwy1 in California and the Golden Gate Bridge. I've also driven as far north as the shores of Lake Superior.  In the next couple of years, my husband and I plan on adding Maine and Texas to hit the far east and far south.

Above: Hitting the road in my Tesla Model S "Lithe"

I’ve become somewhat of an expert at pushing speed vs. distance on Tesla road trips while trying to minimize drive time. I really don’t care about wait time at the Superchargers, that’s the fun part. I regularly arrive at Superchargers with <5 miles of rated range left and I even arrived in Normal once with “Charge Now” on the dash. Not recommended if you have a weak heart. I love my Tesla. My husband loved my Tesla so much he got one. So now we’re a two Tesla family and never plan on going back to ICE [internal combustion engine] cars.

Above: My Tesla road trip to Yooperland

A couple of other St. Louis owners and I started the St. Louis Tesla Enthusiasts in December of 2012. We wanted to create a group that would allow owners and enthusiasts a chance to get together, have a little fun in their cars, and just talk about Tesla and living with an EV [electric vehicle]. We’ve grown since then and expanded our mission to educating the general public about Teslas and EVs. Last year we started the Midwest Tesla Gathering, a yearly event, to bring owners and enthusiasts around the Midwest together and give them a reason to get out and explore in their cars.  

Above: Last year's Midwest Tesla Gathering

Were you looking for a reason to take your Tesla out on a road trip? Need to stretch your Tesla's wheels. Well here’s your chance. Come join other Midwest Tesla owners and enthusiasts in St. Louis on June 4th for a day of fun with your Tesla. 

Above: Meet up with other Tesla owners

This year the St. Louis Tesla Enthusiasts are hosting a fun-filled day of activities in St. Louis. For early birds, the day will start with a drive through Missouri wine country stopping for lunch at one of the area's prestigious wineries. Later, we will all reconvene for the main event at the St. Charles Supercharger, where we will do a group drive downtown for a photo op near the St. Louis Arch. 

Above: Photos at the St. Louis Arch

After that, we will work our way back to the St. Louis Zoo for dinner where Randy Denmon will be the guest speaker. Randy Denmon is an engineer, writer, and Tesla Model S owner. His writing has been reviewed in numerous papers and magazines, and he has won the Western Writers of America Spur Award, the Faulkner-Wisdom Award, and been a finalist for the Ben Franklin Award. Recently, he drove his Tesla Model S over 8,000 miles from Deadhorse, Alaska to Panama City, Panama. Randy will share with us his adventures, chronicled in his upcoming book “Off the Grid” and talk about how he overcame the challenges he had charging his Model S during his travels.

Above: Midwest Tesla Gathering guest speaker, Randy Denmon

The event is $60 per adult, $30 for children 12 and under. Attendance is limited to the first 200 people and reservations must be made by May 25th. If you have any questions, you can contact me, Liz, at liz@stltesla.org -- and for more details or to reserve, click the red button below...

Midwest Tesla Gathering


Note: EVANNEX is a proud sponsor of the Midwest Tesla Gathering

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