Powering up Tesla: Key electric vehicle charging tips [Infographic]

Posted on June 02, 2016 by Matt Pressman

As the next generation of automobiles begins to transition from fossil fuel powered cars to electric vehicles (EVs), its helpful to understand the "ins and outs" of EV charging. Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] owners have the unique advantage of having their own proprietary ultra fast-charging network, the Tesla Supercharger network, located along popular highways and roads worldwide. This has made the Tesla Supercharger network the highest rated among all electric vehicle owners (see below).

Above: Based on 2015 data gathered by PlugShare, Tesla owners rate their experience at Tesla Superchargers far better than other fast charging EV users (Source: Charged)

Tesla is also rolling out a vast Destination Charging network at hotels, restaurants, and other key locations as well. In addition, Tesla owners can also tap into an ever-growing network of electric vehicle public charging networks as well. However, a Tesla owner's top "refueling" station will likely be his or her garage. It's simple, before going to sleep at night, just plug in your laptop, phone, and Tesla and you'll wake up with all your key devices fully charged up. Nevertheless, as Valuewalk* explains, with that "speedy, spiffy Tesla you just bought... you’ve finally joined the EV community. Congratulations! Now pay attention for a second. There are a lot of good tips here that will keep your reputation, and your driving experience, good." 

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Furthermore, "as the number of cars at the charging stations rises, you’ll be wishing more drivers had read this infographic... [let's] hope that Tesla and the others take this sort of etiquette into account as they program self-driving behaviors for their fleets." What about internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle owners? This infographic below also has a critical tip for them: "Don’t park in EV charging spots! Why would you do that? C’mon. Be nice." In any event, here's a quick guide to basic charging etiquette as our fast-growing EV charging infrastructure is poised to (hopefully) soon replace those antiquated gas stations. So be sure to check out this infographic for some helpful tips below...


*Source: Valuewalk / Infographic: uAutoInsurance

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