New Products: Car Cover for Tesla Model S

Posted on June 13, 2016 by Matt Pressman

Protect your Tesla Model S from the elements when you park it outside, and protect it from dust, grime and even potential scratches when you’re parking inside. Our Car Cover, available exclusively at EVANNEX®, has been custom-designed for the Tesla Model S. It is cut to fit Model S contours and has mesh openings to allow appropriate cooling air flow while charging your vehicle. It also has a specific opening (with velcro closure mechanism) to accommodate the Model S charging door. 

Made of an aesthetically pleasing high-grade, waterproof fabric for strength and durability and lined to protect your vehicle finish, the Car Cover is certified for both outdoor and indoor use. The Car Cover comes standard with a custom designed carrying bag. 

To learn more about the Car Cover click the button below...

Car Cover

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