Countries worldwide are vying for Tesla [Video]

Encouraging signs are coming from countries around the world looking to transition their respective fleets from fossil fuel powered cars to electric vehicles. India’s roads minister was quoted as saying he wanted all cars to be electric by 2030. Norway made big news this past week as it actually intends to ban sales of petrol cars by 2025. In addition, the Netherlands has said it will ban sales of new petrol cars from that date as well. These government policies follow in the footsteps of the pioneering mission of Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] to "accelerate the world's transition of sustainable transport." Furthermore, many countries around the world have made specific pleas directly to Tesla in order to lure the electric vehicle company to their homeland.

Instagram: @teslamotorsportugal

Some are hoping that Tesla Motors will base a new European production factory in their respective country. Last week, according to Electrek, "Now Spain wants to throw its hat in the ring and launches a campaign to attract Tesla’s first European factory... the local government of Paterna near Valencia has also proposed a site for the factory. In an open letter signed by 'The Spanish people', the group tries to boast [about] the location... [and] the Spanish group launched a website and video campaign." Check out this video below showing Spain vying for Tesla.

Youtube: Saul Lopez

Belgium also created a website in hopes of getting a Tesla factory in its country. However, France has been particularly assertive in working to get Tesla to locate its next European factory in its country. According to Reuters, "French Energy Minister Segolene Royal has suggested to Tesla founder Elon Musk that he builds an electric car factory on the site of France's oldest nuclear reactor after it closes at the end of the year." Seperately, Teslarati reports that the French, "communications agency Blackblitz Strassbourg has decided to make a video highlighting all the reasons why building a factory in Alsace would be a good idea for Tesla." Check it out below.

Youtube: Blackblitz

Other locations around the world just want Tesla Motors to open up their doors in their country. This week, according to Electrek, "Tesla owners in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are now sending a message to the automaker and Elon [Musk] to get service for their vehicles in Dubai and Abu Dhabi... [and] they released this video following their first meeting at the Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi." Check it out below.

Youtube: Jordan Spasovski

And, if that weren't enough, Electrek also reports, "The Tesla owners community in Portugal held their first meeting this weekend and published a video to make a plea to Tesla to open a service center and store in the country. The owners gathered in Lisbon... [saying] 'to own a Tesla car in Portugal is an act of madness and passion... we want to call your attention to our country: we are already many and counting, we can and we will be many more and, for that, we need a Tesla Service Center and a Tesla Store!'" The best part, Tesla CEO Elon Musk actually agreed via Twitter. Check out their enthusiastic  video below.

Youtube: Filipe Fernandes

It's refreshing to see so many countries getting behind electric vehicles and clamoring for Tesla. That said, Tesla hasn't been standing still. As reported by TechCrunch at the time of the Model 3 launch, "The company just massively increased its potential sales by adding [Model 3] pre-orders in India (population 1.25 billion), Brazil (200 million), in addition to South Africa, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland and... Musk also said that Tesla will more double its number of stores to cover over 440 locations across North America, Europe and Asia by the end of 2017." In order to keep up with Tesla's worldwide expansion plans, we'll be sure to keep you posted on news related to their ongoing, ever-expanding global growth initiatives.