Model X Spy Shots and Revelations

During its quarterly earnings conference call this week (listen to the entire conference call here), Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, mentioned that 30 “beta” prototypes have already hit the streets for real-world testing—and, lo and behold, one “spy” camera already caught some revealing shots of a Darth Vader-esque blacked-out Model X rolling though the streets. Photo/video below...


Source: “Kosh K” had published these photos originally on Facebook.

On the conference call, Tesla confirmed that it has received “nearly 20,000 reservations” for Model X. To put this in perspective, right before the launch of the Model S, Tesla Motors had only about half that, with just over 10,000 Model S reservations in June of 2012. This should certainly bode well for the Model X likely being a big hit when it launches.

So when is Model X officially launching? Initial customer deliveries of the 2016 Tesla Model X will start in the third quarter of 2015 (per Tesla Motors 2014 4Q shareholder letter). In addition, starting in March, Musk said on the conference call that Tesla will start building and testing a small fleet of “release candidate Model X vehicles that will be very close to the final production-intent design."

"Since Model S and Model X will share the same dual motor powertrain, the introduction of All-Wheel Drive Dual Motor Model S helps reduce some of the risk that would otherwise have been associated with the launch and production ramp of Model X," Musk explained. "The results of initial Beta phase crash testing have given us confidence that Model X will live up to the very high safety standard set by Model S.” 

Adding more intrigue, Musk said that the Model X would not be officially shown in public until the car's first deliveries. The conference call question that prompted this: “Is there going to be, you know, any advanced showings of it at any auto shows ahead of the launch?” Elon’s cryptic answer was: “You know, because there are these different features that I mentioned — I’m being sort of intentionally obtuse — we’re not going to show it until it gets delivered.” 

Well… at least we got a little bit of a sneak peek from these spy shots.