Protecting Your Tesla Wheels From Curb Rash

Protecting Your Tesla Wheels From Curb Rash

Let’s say one day you’re getting out of your Tesla, and you see the dreaded “curb rash” on your wheels. You’ve got damage to your rims! Curb rash can happen anywhere, in the parking lot, at the drive-through, or on your daily commute. When you hear that scraping sound against the curb, it’s already too late. You tried to be careful, but sometimes being careful isn’t enough.

Scraping your rims is a nightmare for Tesla owners. It looks sloppy and embarrassing, it lowers your resale value, and worst of all, fixing your rims is costly and time-consuming. Making the matter even more complicated Model S and Model X are wide vehicles, which means parking situations can get tight. The rims are flush with your tires, which leaves them more exposed.

Not long after the release of Tesla’s first true production vehicle. Model S, curb rash quickly became a top concern for drivers. This prompted EVANNEX to take quick action, and after much testing, we developed a solution that now extends to Model X and Model 3. OEM wheels for Model Y have a special finish that rejects the very high bond (VHB) adhesives we use to for our wheel protection products.

For Model S, Model X and Model 3, our most effective solution to wheel protection are Wheel Bands. These unique kits are like mini bumpers for your wheels. Each kit comes with a mounting track and insert in your choice of color. Tracks have three color options: black, silver, and red.

These color options are available for your insert, as well as three additional colors: white, reflective red, and reflective silver. You can have the color pop against your wheel in red for a new signature style, or you can choose black for a more subdued look that blends into your wheel. Each color option brings something different.

The best part about Wheel Bands is that they’re designed for an easy installation. You can usually get the installation done by a local aftermarket tint and wrap shop, or because it’s so straightforward, DIY’ers may enjoy installing wheel bands themselves. You can look here for a video of the installation process in action, plus a proud Tesla owner enjoying his new red wheel bands.

When you combine careful driving with proper wheel protection, the constant threat of curb rash quickly evaporates. Want some Wheel Bands for yourself? We encourage you to click on the link below and learn how you can buy your own kit!