Tesla Eye Candy, Exhibition 11 / EV Infographic

This installment of our Tesla Eye Candy series, we take you on a ride in a Tesla Model S from the desert, through the mountains and cliffs, all the way into the city. And, the Model S looks stunning everywhere!  We've also got a fun photoshop rendering of what a Model S might look like as a police car. Last, we found an intriguing infographic showcasing the state of electric vehicle market and how Tesla stacks up within it.

From top to bottom: 1. A Model S road trip heading into the desert; 2. If this Tesla police car has “ludicrous mode” - there is definitely no outrunning it; 3. Driving Model S out into the country; 4. A scenic morning by a waterfall in Trollstigen Norway; 5. A Tesla night out on the town in the city streets of Bethesda, MD

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For the next few Tesla Eye Candy installments, we wanted to highlight some fascinating infographics. This week, we're featuring a "State of the Plug-in Electric Vehicle (EV) Market" infographic that showcases EV sales and market share (including how Tesla Model S stacks up), EV infrastructure buildout, and price differential with gas-powered vehicles...


Source: The Fuse