Tesla Eye Candy 14 / Tesla Infographic

Posted on August 19, 2015 by Matt Pressman

This week, we've got a colorful gallery of bright, beautiful Tesla Model S vehicles from all over the world... from the city to the countryside. And, we've even got a sneak peek at what (someday) a Tesla motorcycle might look like -- although I think the actual design might look a whole lot better...

From top to bottom: 1. Model S in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy; 2. Bright orange vinyl wrap on a Tesla; 3. A concept design rendering of what a Tesla motorcycle design might look like; 4. Bright yellow Model S out in the country; 5. White Model S pulling out of a parking garage, looking good as it's about to hit the road.

Instagram: @teslamotors, @jgronnemark, @silodrome, @livberit.kasa, @tesla.mirai

And for this week's infographic, one of our VIPs sent us this unique infographic that profiles the Tesla Model S. A small disclaimer: this infographic is a bit dated, so please disregard some of the data as there have been changes over time. Nevertheless, it's a pretty cool infographic that proves the prowess and importance of this game-changing vehicle...

How Electric Cars (and the Tesla Model S) Work

Source: Visual.ly

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