5 reasons owning a Tesla Model 3 will change your life

Aniseh Sharifi is a self-proclaimed electric vehicle nerd who admits, "My EV has changed my life — and yes I realize how cheesy that sounds." After 10+ years in the auto industry, Aniseh's bold decision to buy a Model 3 was a biggie. After she reached a Model 3 milestone (one-year ownership) earlier this year, Aniseh decided to reflect on its remarkable impact. 

Source: Aniseh Sharifi

In her own words, here's Aniseh's five reasons why owning a Model 3 changed her life. 

1. It will make you richer

I'll admit that having qualified for the Ontario incentive back in 2018 was a huge help. I may not have been able to afford the car without it. I put the entire lump sum towards my lease and used it to bring down my monthly payments. I've been mostly charging at work for free and using Supercharging to top up in between trips. The savings in gas alone has been significant – see below. 

Source: Aniseh Sharifi 

Other than buying winter tires, I've had no maintenance fees this year. Although it is recommended to have the vehicle checked once a year and I do intend on doing this.    

2. It will make you healthier

While learning about my carbon footprint, my attention was quickly directed to food and how we generally consume it. During my research and after watching several eye-opening documentaries, I decided to change my eating habits. Since then, I've cut 90% of red meats and 80% of other animal products, including dairy from my diet. This area of change has had the most immediate and drastic results in my life. I've noticed an overall increase in my health and energy.

Source: Aniseh Sharifi

There's no doubt that I slack off at times and enjoy an extra cheesy slice of zza — because let's be real, I'm just not that disciplined about anything in my life (#YOLO), but I am so much more aware of what I'm eating now. 

3. It will make you lighter

The car is so simple and yet so functional. I started to reflect on this and asked myself if living the simple life was better for me too? I was traveling in Vancouver and observed new friends choosing a minimalist lifestyle with ease and grace. It fascinated me, and I remember coming back home from that trip and clearing out my entire apartment.

Source: Aniseh Sharifi

Throughout the process, I kept asking myself, do I really need this? Does it make me happy and bring value into my life, or is it something I purchased to instantly gratify myself, and now it's clutter. I donated, gifted, recycled, and threw out a lot of stuff. I also realized that I own so much and that going forward I would stick to a few buying rules before bringing anything new into the house.  

4. It will make you a better communicator

The car attracts attention, and people have a lot of questions. It's usually the same questions like: "how long does it take to charge, where do you charge, how much does it cost?" I've learned to be patient with the questions and thorough with my responses. THIS has been a huge game changer in my communication skills in general. With friends, coworkers, family, and customers, I've become better at the explaining.

Source: Aniseh Sharifi

I used to rush through a conversation and skip important parts that I wanted to mention. Later, I would beat myself up for it. The lack of confidence in myself could have been a factor — which I've worked on over the years. I've taken the time to learn more about the car and related EV topics so that I can be better prepared when answering questions. I can see that people are genuinely interested, and I want to enthusiastically engage with everyone so that they can continue their research and extend the conversation long after talking to me.  

5. It will make you friendlier

Owning an EV has introduced me to a whole new world. I've joined new groups and clubs, and I've met so many people that I would never have met had it not been for our mutual interest in electric cars. The community is very active, and these people all have the same goal — to share the benefits of owning an EV.

Source: Aniseh Sharifi

The car has given me an outlet to write about and connect with others through my blog and on social media from all over the world. I love this so much, and I've learned to be so much more open and welcoming just by talking about the car.  

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Source: Aniseh Sharifi