Check out our video catalog of Tesla Accessories

After launching our small Tesla accessories family biz in 2012 (out of my father's garage), we've grown from one custom product, our super-popular Center Console Insert, to over 30 unique aftermarket Tesla accessories, parts, and gear to enhance and complement your Tesla Model S. Now we've got a growing staff, a manufacturing facility and just this week we surpassed another major milestone -- we just shipped 10,000 orders worldwide! In light of this growth, we decided to present our latest Model S "product portfolio" in a unique way -- we created a video catalog. We broke it into two short videos (see below). And, I'm your host... hope you like it!

Video Catalog - Part 1
Video Catalog - Part 2

We also decided to design an EVANNEX catalog "infographic" (see below) so you could quickly reference our Tesla accessories product portfolio. Also, if you'd like us to mail you a FREE hard copy of our printed Tesla Model S aftermarket accessories catalog, please contact us. Just be sure to specify that you'd like to receive our latest printed catalog and we'll be sure to mail you a free copy. 

EVANNEX Infographic

To enlarge this infographic, just click on the image below.

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