News from the Frunk, Ep. 52 - Tesla Software Update 7.0 Autopilot Testing

We're happy to see this new episode of News from the Frunk from author Nick Howe who just penned the second edition of his super-popular book Owning Model S. In this episode, Nick puts software update 7.0 and its autopilot features (especially auto-steer) to the test.

Source: Tesla Motors

As you may already know, last Thursday Tesla Motors released version 7.0 of its software for Model S and Model X. Version 7.0 brings a number of enhancements, by far the biggest of which is the next in a series of safety features: highway auto steer. This enables the Model S (and Model X) to essentially drive itself on highways. A couple of hours after the software was released, Nick took a P85D for a spin to see how it works. Big thanks to Michael Greco for letting Nick drive “White Lightning”.

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Tesla Motors autopilot features have already made a big impact across media outlets created quite a buzz... it even got featured on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. Check out the video clip below.

In addition, you can find more Tesla updates/info on Nick's wiki page and in his book, Owning Model S (2nd Edition).