Tesla Eye Candy 25 / Factory Tour

For this edition of Tesla Eye Candy, we want to focus on some gorgeous Tesla Model S photos we received through our contact form -- these include some unique and special Tesla Model S modifications that are truly must-see.... these actually came through customers and friends (also on Instagram) who had contacted us through the website, details below...

From top to bottom: Tesla owner Misty submitted the first two images (Ashley Gussler photography; mods by Carbon Wraps in Orlando ) of her stunning Tesla Model S in a metallic blue chrome wrap with her ultra-cool "Legalize it" T-shirt and "Ciao Gas" license plate. The bottom three images are from Chris Amato's Body Werks shop who replaced all the wheels, put a lowering module in, blacked out all chrome trim, and refinished the entire car in a matte grey (on his first two photos) and a beautifully detailed red Tesla Model S in the last image.

Source: MDNYC; Chris Amato's Body Werks

Next, for this week's Tesla Eye Candy video, we wanted to showcase a fantastic video of behind-the-scenes footage from inside of the Tesla Factory. I've been fortunate enough to have been on a few Tesla factory tours and wanted to feature this video as it really captures the energy, marvel, and awe you feel when witnessing how the Tesla Model S comes together in the Tesla Fremont Factory. Be sure to check it out...

Source: Autogefühl

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