The Tesla Model S Frunk: From Goats to Groceries

Posted on December 15, 2015 by Matt Pressman

According to the automotive experts over at Jalopnik*, "I know many of our readers are currently cross-shopping the Tesla Model S with many other cars now, and, based on emails we get, one of the biggest concerns has to do with if livestock can be crammed in the Tesla’s front trunk (also known as a frunk or tront). Well good news! You can, and there’s video proof."

Source: Jalopnik

Jalopnik explains, "Our friends in Kazakhstan,, sent us this charming video... and [their] email that accompanied this video stated [in broken English] 'PS: The animal probably ate as bought it specifically for the holiday called Eid Eid.'... so, I hope you didn’t get to attached to that sheep." Anyhow, here is the full video...

Source: MOTOR.KZ

We can't say we endorse this kind of behavior, but, this video made us ponder the many uses Model S owners have when utilizing their front trunk (frunk). So, we checked on Instagram and found some examples we wanted to share with you. From yoga, gardening, luggage and groceries to a fun hiding place for your pup -- the frunk is definitely being used in some very unique ways. Take a look... 

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*Source: Jalopnik

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