Tesla Motors' Elon Musk named king CEO on social media

According to CNN Money*, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has made its official Top 10 List of CEOs for 2015. This CEO Top 10 List includes categories like "Rags to Riches" and "Comeback of the Year" and more... but frankly, we're surprised Musk wasn't awarded their "Best at Two Jobs" CEO award as he's running both SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Instead, that award went to Jack Dorsey for his efforts running Twitter and Square.

Image: Maximum PC

In any event, Elon Musk won the "Best at Social Media" CEO distinction instead as CNN Money* explains, "It would have been easy to award this honor to T-Mobile's (TMUS) trash-talking CEO John Legere again. He is the Twitter gift that keeps on giving. But Elon Musk is no slouch either. Musk is a fun follow on Twitter. He gives frequent updates about the latest at Tesla (TSLA) as well as SpaceX. The budding rivalry between him and fellow rocket man Jeff Bezos, who owns SpaceX rival Blue Origin, is starting to get interesting. Musk also uses Twitter to recruit -- he wrote in November that Tesla was looking for 'hardcore software engineers' that he would interview personally."

The award goes on to explain that Musk is also skilled at using Twitter in the art of self-defense. As an example, they cite when Consumer Reports highlighted some Model S glitches, "Musk tweeted that the magazine was looking at earlier models and that newer ones already addressed the problems. He cheekily added that '97% of owners expect their next car to be a Tesla (the acid test).' The source for that data? Consumer Reports."

Image: Consumer Reports

Does this award make sense for Musk? In our opinion, he could've swept nearly every category... but, we see where the judges are coming from -- Musk is very adept at using social media to his advantage. Like nearly everything else he does, Elon Musk has become a true disruptor -- even when considering his overall communications strategy. Where CEOs were once carefully guarded by their PR departments, Musk is often irreverent and quick to make his point over social media channels.

Kudos to Musk for winning another "best of" award. We're just glad to see he's taking a few minutes for some much-needed downtime during Christmas to "chill," reflect and relax a bit...

Image: @talulahrm

And how do we know really know he's relaxing? From this image of him posted on social media via his wife's Instagram account!


*Source: CNN Money