Does engine growl triumph over Tesla torque?

A provocative (and amazing) video was posted on Christmas day and its been causing quite a stir. According to Jalopnik*: “It’s been three years since the Model S hit the market, but the most powerful P85D remains a unique proposition within the automotive world. Too bad you can’t get one in Hungary from Tesla themselves. No matter. If you’re really keen, you can always import one from one of the more fortunate EU countries, and many must have gone through all that trouble because the Model S is no rare sight in Budapest by now.

Do you remember the guys from Turbometal? They are my pro videographer buddies who produce commercials to make money and shoot awesome car videos to lose some… their latest about Tesla’s greatest is on a whole new level… behold the greatest Tesla P85D video to ever hit the internet.” Indeed. The award-winning Hungarian filmmakers at Turbometal have embraced the Tesla P85D as its newest video darling and pondered everything from "why humanity gave up on gasoline-powered vacuum cleaners so easily” to weighing the pros and cons of engine noise. 

That last question posed by the Turbometal guys (see above) is our favorite. Gearheads love to pooh-pooh the fact that the Tesla Model S has no engine noise. Yet this video perfectly encapsulates the "speed vs. noise" argument-nonsense when you consider the feeling that arises when mashing the pedal while Tesla P85D's “insane” mode is activated.

The Turbometal team explain their vision on their youtube channel: "We pointed our cameras to a [Tesla Model S] car that does 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. We based our story upon these magical 3 seconds. Ever wondered what a difference 3 seconds can make? We have something for you… and what does the future [with] electric driving hold for us petrolheads? We try to find answers in our own Metal way.” Be sure to check out the hype surrounding this video and judge for yourself

*Source: Jalopnik / Images: Turbometal