Based on U.S. 2015 Estimates: Tesla Motors outsells Jaguar and Maserati combined

We've already reported on Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) outselling competitive German car models in the U.S. market in 2015. It's time to add premium British and Italian car brands to the list. Now, according to Good Car Bad Car* tracking of auto sales data, it appears that Tesla's 2015 sales were more than Jaguar and Maserati combined in the U.S. market. Yes, we know... the U.S. is Tesla's home turf, but, still -- America is a major market for Europe's premium car brands. Nevertheless, Tesla posted some very, very impressive numbers.

Image: Top Gear

And, it's not just the data that's impressive. Looking back, it turns out that car reviewers have also given the nod to Tesla. Top Gear compared Tesla vs. Maserati and stated: "Against Tesla, though, heritage counts for less than zero, the Maserati may have turned up to a gunfight with a water pistol. This isn’t the America of old Detroit. The Silicon Valley interloper has changed everything." And The Truth about Cars pitted Tesla vs. Jaguar and remarked: "Tesla’s acceleration is instantaneous and violent. And silent. On paper it’s faster than the über Jaguar and my butt dyno and I totally believe it."

Image: The Truth About Cars

Now let's get back to the numbers (US sales data in 2015). Tesla: 26,608 sales. Maserati: 11,697 sales. Jaguar: 14,466. What would that look like on a chart? See below.

Okay... car critics and charts aside, how does Tesla fare pedal-to-the-metal against a Jaguar or Maserati? Let's take a look...

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Enough said. Well... just one more thing. It turns out that U.S. Tesla sales grew 60.8% year-over-year while both Jaguar and Maserati fell 8.3% and 9.6% respectively. Not to rub it in or anything.


*Source: Good Car Bad Car, Note: data for Tesla Motors is based on estimates as the carmaker does not break out country-specific sales; Hat tip (Reddit): Hyabusa2