How Good Is the Tesla in Snow and Ice?

As we move into winter, we should take a look at Tesla’s performance against snow and ice. How does this EV fair against freezing temperatures? Thomas Nilsen, a Tesla Model 3 owner who lives in the Arctic Circle of Norway, talked to Electrek about his Tesla’s performance in winter.

Nilsen explains, “I live nearly as far north in Europe as is possible … For about a year now, I have been driving my Tesla Model 3 around in the north, and have had very positive experiences by driving electric.”

After a year of cold-weather driving in the arctic north, Nilsen states: “Last winter and this one have proven that electric is by no means a disadvantage in the Arctic.”


Instagram: @thomasknutsen71

What does Nilsen appreciate so much about his Model 3? He explains, “The car heats faster than my previous diesel Volvo, and even in remote places, when parked without access to a plug, I don’t have to be afraid of the car not starting the next morning if it has been extremely cold at night.

As an example, he describes a time when he was parked at the airport in Kirkenes, the small town in Norway. Nilsen left his Tesla for four days without a plug—in temperatures that dropped down to -32 degrees Celsius (-25.6 degrees, F).

As the plane landed and was taxiing, he turned on his Tesla via the app, and when he came back to the car 10-12 minutes later, “all the windows we without ice, the door was no problem to open, and [he] simply just jumped in and drove.”


Instagram: @teslamotors

Nilsen believes that despite misconceptions from gas car owners, electric vehicles have no problem in the snow. In fact, Tesla owners seem to be having a lot of fun in winter! Here’s a video, also shown below, of a Model S owner playing in the snow and ice.

Youtube: Endo

Thanks to an electric AWD, some Swiss Model S owners can also join in on the fun, as seen in this customer video from Tesla Motors. Special thanks to David Oreiro and Tesla Club Schweiz for sharing this video with us!

Source: Tesla Motors

What about the Model Y? Last year, in Flagstaff, AZ, Steve Sasman was waiting for the Tesla CyberTruck to get a plow, but decided to test it on his Model Y instead.

The result is the first-ever Tesla snow plowing business! Watch this video here, courtesy of Steve’s YouTube Channel “TESLA INCOME”, to see the Model Y deftly take on giant piles of snow.

Whatever model you drive, you can be confident that you’ll be able to handle the snow and ice this winter. So while the temperatures drop, layer up, stay warm, and be sure to have as much fun as you can in your Tesla!