Tesla Model X: Test Drives, Auto Shows, and Fashion Week

Posted on March 01, 2023 by Matt Pressman

It's happening. The Tesla Model X is beginning to roll out in a big way. Most recently, Tesla has been featuring the Model X at test drive events, auto shows, and (soon) fashion week. Yesterday, Tesla Motors was featured extensively on CNBC with some in-depth coverage of a test drive event in Chicago for Model X reservation holders. The CNBC team worked hard to ask the tough questions -- but, the Model X reservation holders showed their commitment to the brand and excitement they're feeling towards the new Tesla Model X.

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We've compiled the CNBC video segments below. These videos feature a wide range of Model X reservation holders including one who flew all the way up from Florida (video #3) just to take a test drive, and, a 91-year-old reservation holder (video #4) who appears to be as happy as a teenager to get his Model X. These videos really capture the excitement and loyalty Tesla customers feel towards the "driving electric" movement...






Next up, Tesla Motors premiered a "teaser" video in order to showcase an upcoming partnership for fashion week; their youtube description notes: "From one runway to another - Tesla Motors has partnered with Neiman Marcus to bring you an up close look from New York Fashion Week 2016." And, the clip features some behind-the-scenes footage of Model X production at the Tesla factory in Fremont...

Source: Tesla Motors

And WWD reports, "Forget Uber or Lyft — this New York Fashion Week Neiman Marcus fashion director Ken Downing has a more exclusive ride. He’s being driven around in Tesla Motors' much-hyped Model X car, which is making its debut in public streets. He has invited several fashion industry friends to ride along with him — the car has seven seats, after all — and is filming their conversations for a series of videos. 'Tesla Talks' will feature designers Wes Gordon [see below], Prabal Gurung, Rachel Zoe, and Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty of Suno. 'I’m stopped by everyone inside and outside the Tesla X wanting to know where I got it, and how to get one,' Downing remarked."


Last, the Tesla Model X made its official auto show debut at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto this past week as well. Take a look at this revealing segment from CBC News...

Source: CBC News

If you thought that Tesla Motors was keeping the Model X under wraps, this week would prove otherwise. It appears that Tesla is ready for the Model X to take center stage for the brand... that is, until March 31st when the Model 3 debuts. In any event, we'll keep you posted as we get more visibility on the Model X as more of the vehicles get out "into the wild" -- on our end, we're definitely getting more reports that customers are receiving their "X" vehicles. Now, we just have to get ours...

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