So who is the typical Tesla Model S owner?

This week, Tesla Motors released four unique Customer Stories* to showcase some of the fascinating individuals who drive the Tesla Model S. So who is the typical Tesla Model S owner? Some of these revealing profiles just might surprise you.

In the small rural community of Ortonville, Minnesota, Henry Nelson is a mail man with a difference. His community relies on him, and he relies on his Model S. With its superior handling, exceptional reliability, and low running costs (except, perhaps, the occasional car wash), Model S is the only choice for Henry.

For Jim Hartman, a career as a professional driving instructor meant he used to make his car buying decisions on the basis of attributes like performance, handling and design. See how his priorities shifted after a life-changing journey, and how he now only has eyes for the safest car on the road.

For Stephen Pascalon, buying electric is in the family. He’s a second generation electric owner. And he’s using his passion for EVs and sustainability to educate not only his own children, but also future generations, about the reliance on fossil fuels and electric alternatives, like innovative school buses.

As one of the proponents of Australia’s introduction to the Internet, Simon Hackett is no stranger to cutting edge technology. But even with his expertise, the way Model S integrated so seamlessly into his life though its technology surprised him. Its advanced features actually simplify his life.


*Source: "Customer Stories" via Tesla Motors