80edays: International group of Tesla owners set world record during global electric vehicle rally

We've been tracking the 80edays* rally over the past few months and the teams have now successfully completed their all-electric trip around the world. Eleven international teams hailing from nine countries had driven a total of 289,662 km together across Europe, North America, and Asia with 100% electric vehicles, mostly from Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA], within an 80 day timeframe including travel time for cross-continental transportation. We last checked in on the 80edays rally when teams were about to enter China. On September 4th, the electric vehicle rally finally finished at the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, Spain.

Rafael de Mestre, Team Spain pilot and initiator of the '80edays' around-the-world EV rally started the event to emphasize the importance of raising awareness of electric mobility around the globe. That's why he scheduled over 30 events along the 80edays route — to promote the advantages and reliability of sustainable transportation over fossil-fuel dependent transport around the world.

The electric vehicles participating included eight Tesla Model S vehicles, one Tesla Roadster, one DENZA and an all-electric 'Modulo' bus which showed that EV technology and charging infrastructure is good enough for any environment, terrain, and condition in any part of the world. And, according to the 80edays press release, the "Tesla Model S demonstrated how far the EV industry has come from its initial days... [while] all teams successfully reached the finish line in record time." For some highlights from the 80edays EV rally, check out this 80edays photo gallery below...


*Source: 80edays