Bonjour Tesla: Paris plans to banish fossil fuel powered cars

The Paris Climate Agreement was instrumental in bringing worldwide policy change related to CO2 emissions. For a quick refresher, check out the infographic below. Now, it turns out the capital of France is making another major statement. According to Reuters, "Paris plans to banish all but electric cars by 2030... The move marks an acceleration in plans to wean the country off gas-guzzlers and switch to electric vehicles in a city often obliged to impose temporary bans due to surges in particle pollution in the air." 

Above: Tesla sets its sights on Paris (Source: My Tesla in Paris)

Already, France's Renault Zoe dominates electric vehicle sales in Europe. And, France itself set a target date of 2040 to phase out fossil fuel powered cars. Now, Paris plans to fast forward that timeline by a decade. Christophe Najdovski, an official responsible for transport policy at the office of Mayor Anne Hidalgo explained, "Transport is one of the main greenhouse gas producers... so we are planning an exit from combustion engine vehicles, or fossil-energy vehicles, by 2030.” 

Above: Cleaner skies could be coming to Paris (Source: My Tesla in Paris)

Diesel cars may see a ban come even sooner, "The French capital, which will host the Olympic Games in the summer of 2024... [is] eyeing an end to diesel cars in the city by the time of the Olympics." And Bloomberg reported that France’s Economy Minister visited Tesla's factory in January, "to argue that if Tesla is going to expand, it should do so in France... boasting the country’s anti-pollution stance and incentives for consumers to go electric."

Above: French Model S owners join together using Tesla Superchargers from Senlis to Mâcon on a cross-country road trip rally (Youtube: Tesla)

Paris isn't the only city looking to expedite the EV revolution. The Guardian reports that, in 2020: "Oxford aims for the world’s first zero emissions zone with a petrol car ban." And GQ reports that local politicians are stepping up across the world, "Mayors in London... Madrid, Athens and Mexico City are all taking steps to block diesels from their cities." It's no surprise that diesel is being targeted by so many cities. With news of cartels and collusion surrounding Germany's dirty diesel programs, even Munich is now considering a diesel ban.

Infographic: Paris Climate Agreement

Infographic: Futurism; Editor's Note: Infographic pre-dates the decision by U.S. President Trump, who turned his back on the Paris Climate Agreement.