Oil giant BP invests £1 billion to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the UK

Posted on April 15, 2022 by Charles Morris

Fossil fuel companies have been buying up companies in the EV charging industry as if gasoline were going out of style. Oil giant bp claims that its EV charging business, bp pulse, is the most used public charging network in the UK. 

Above: A Tesla Model 3 charging at a BP gas station (Source: Charged via BP)

Now the company has announced plans to invest £1 billion over the next 10 years to add more rapid and ultra-fast chargers in key locations, expand fleet products and services, and launch new home charging products and services.

bp pulse plans to approximately triple the number of public charging points in its UK network, accelerate the rollout of 300 kW and 150 kW ultra-fast charging points, and upgrade its current EV charging technology across its public charging network to improve reliability (hallelujah!).

Above: Fast charging with bp pulse is currently being installed all across the UK (YouTube: bp pulse)

bp pulse also aims to play a role in electrifying the UK’s fleet vehicles. It is already working with the Royal Mail, Uber and emergency services in both London and Scotland.

“Convenient, reliable and affordable charging is key to our green revolution and this investment from bp will make it easier for drivers up and down the country to go electric,” said UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, who visited bp pulse’s office in Milton Keynes to unveil the government’s EV Infrastructure Strategy. “EVs benefit from lower fuel, running and maintenance costs than their petrol and diesel equivalents and the strategy hopes to encourage drivers across the nation to make the switch.”

“This investment allows us to deliver more,” said bp pulse SVP Richard Bartlett. “More high-speed charging in dedicated hubs and on existing fuel and convenience sites. More home charging services. And crucial enhancements to our digital technology that will make charging fast, easy and reliable.”


This article originally appeared in Charged. Author: Charles Morris. Source: BP Pulse

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