Canada's 'Driving' reviews the Tesla Model 3 [Video]

One of Canada's top automotive sites, Driving, recently reviewed Tesla's Model 3. Driving's Peter Bleakney writes, "The most hyped car of this century actually delivers." Bleakney acknowledges that there's a bit of a "circus" surrounding Tesla. Yet after experiencing the Model 3, he admits, "it sure feels like the future in here."

Above: Tesla's Model 3 (Photo: Ian Larson)

To start, Bleakney calls the interior "a remarkably minimalist affair with no complex angles... [and] with its huge glass roof, the cabin is remarkably airy and outward visibility is generally good." The Model 3's touch screen allows "Tesla’s system [to be] intuitive and easy to negotiate." And its unique HVAC system is "a wonderfully effective system, distributing air evenly and quietly."

What about performance? Bleakney admits it's "not as blisteringly fast as big brother Model S, [but] the 3 is still very quick, and unlike most turbocharged and multi-geared gas drivetrains that require a few of beats to wake up when the throttle is pressed, this little Tesla surges ahead on an instant and silent wave of torque from any speed. You want throttle response? This writes the book."


Above: The "minimalist" interior of the Tesla Model 3 (Image: EVANNEX)

He adds, "Handling is sharp too... [with] quick, direct steering. It’s fun to carve the corners and feel the torque push you along, but ultimate roadholding is limited by the eco Michelin Primacy tires, and unlike the German players in this premium compact segment, the Tesla’s ride gets noisy over less that perfect surfaces."

On the other hand, the Model 3's Autopilot functionality adds up to "the best semi-autonomous system I’ve experienced. The Model 3 follows traffic in a natural, seamless manner – no wandering within the lane and no sudden acceleration spurts from the adaptive cruise." 

Above: Canada's 'Driving' takes the Model 3 out for a spin (Youtube:

Bleakney concludes, "Few cars in history have been burdened with so much hype, expectation and controversy, yet despite all this baggage, the Tesla Model 3 bursts through as an exceptionally well-engineered, easy and fun driving day-to-day EV that excites with its future vision."


Source: Driving