What does Tesla Cybertruck look like in the auto world's most iconic colors?

According to Elon Musk, Tesla is en route to building one of the most advanced paint shops at Giga Berlin. Even so, Tesla is refusing to paint the upcoming Cybertruck. Whether from the factory or not, your best option might just be to wrap this military-grade vehicle. 

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Tesla’s stainless steel body is in itself an iconic “color”. Made recognizable by the classic DMC Delorean, you either love it or hate it. That got us thinking, how does the Tesla Cybertruck look in some other iconic and historic automotive colors?

Rosso Corsa

Most notably used on Ferrari’s cars, Rosso Corsa has more of a past than you’d imagine. The “racing red” was set as the national racing color of Italy by FIA. For some automakers, the color stuck with them.

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Bleu de France

Like Ferrari’s red, Bleu de France was another nationally assigned racing color. In this case, if it wasn’t already obvious, France. Like others, the color is still used today but stands out specifically on Bugatti — the automaker behind some of the world’s most expensive cars.


British Racing Green

You guessed it, British Racing Green is the racing color assigned to British automakers. Luxury automakers like Jaguar, Bentley, and Aston Martin still use the color throughout their lineup today.

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Papaya Orange

The quirky-named Papaya Orange dates back all the way to 1968 in the midst of McLaren's early beginnings. To this day, the recognizable Papaya Orange is used by plenty of owners who can afford to drive a McLaren.

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Space Gray

The least automotive-focused color on this list might just be the most iconic. Apple's most popular colorway has had an abundance of iterations throughout the years but we thought the Cybertruck looked best in its newest shade of black.

Admittedly, Space Gray looks relatively similar to the stainless steel look. So... maybe it's just best to stick with the original color? After all, the exposed metal does give a very cyberpunk feel. Nevertheless, if you miss the personalization that comes with picking your own color, perhaps some of these options might spark some ideas.


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