Instagram Famous: The 'bagged' Tesla Model 3 goes viral

We've seen some pretty wild Tesla Model 3 transformations — especially at a Tesla car show event thrown earlier this year for Trevor Page from Tesla Owners Online. But that's old news. Right now, there's one standout Model 3 that "breaks the internet" according to New Zealand's Driven

Instagram: @1320video / Photo: @leofenderrolls; Note: 1320video has an impressive 1.7 million followers and says, "This bagged Model 3 is mindblowingly good." / Editor's Note: The struts and bags are made by Airtekk

Andrew Sluys reports, "This particular Model 3 first broke the surface after it was shared on multiple automotive outlets over the weekend. A post from US drag racing page @1320video garnered the most attention, which is interesting considering their audience."

Instagram: @leofenderrolls says, "Tesla Model 3 bagged on SSR Koenig wheels built by @steeb38! Pulled/flared the fenders & damn; this car looks amazing!!! Owner does not have Instagram."

"While the owner may have only opted for the old wheels and bags combo, there are a few details that set this Model 3 apart from the rest. This is one of the first Teslas to be bagged in the US, and certainly the first one to sit on some massive Instagram-worthy Koenig three-piece wheels with almost-perfect fitment," notes Sluys.

Instagram: @elevenspaint says: "Air tank @duracell paint by us, wheels / build by @5onecustoms"

"Under the hood sits the final surprise of this build — a pair of Duracell batteries. While they may look like convincing batteries, they are actually just the compressor tanks." And, of course, while "this Tesla may not actually be powered by Duracell batteries... we appreciate the effort and creativity that has gone into this build," says Sluys.

Instagram: @accuair / Photo: @leofenderrolls; Accuair notes that these are actually ENDO tanks

As distinctive as this Tesla is, it isn't the first "bagged" Tesla Model 3 to make waves on Instagram. Glenn Hsu, the man behind the @2low4ev Instagram account, transformed his blue Model 3 back in September 2018 in order to live the low life. Let's pay homage to the original, a first-of-its-kind, be sure to get a good look at Hsu's Model 3 in the video and photo that follows below.


Youtube: Tesla Smarts; Video from @teslasmarts features Hsu's @2low4ev Model 3, Suspension: @airrunner_systems@accusa_airsuspensionand model @angelika.nikola

However, not everyone appreciates the bagged ride. According to Sluys, "on [many] car-related Instagram pages in the last decade, you would have noticed the anti-airbag suspension movement that seems to exist. According to these internet experts, slamming your car on coilovers and 'living the static lifestyle' is somehow more enjoyable than installing a system that lets you actually get into your driveway while being low." 

Instagram: @2low4ev; Photo: @flindersleung

"The basis of this argument is performance, with the static movement saying that air ride doesn't provide the same level of performance as traditional suspension," Sluys contends. Regardless, he says, "no matter what your opinion on air ride suspension is, can we all agree that this is one cool Tesla?"