Check out this unique Danish Tesla Supercharger lot

Tesla’s Supercharger stations have a wide range of layouts, and as many electric vehicle drivers know, some are better than others. One particular Supercharger lot in Denmark has been making waves on the internet, after a recent drone shot drew attention to its peculiar shape.

The Tesla Charging Twitter account shared a top-down photo of a new Supercharger station in Kliplev, Denmark earlier this month, complete with 24 stalls and what appears to be a very ergonomic shape. The lot is just the latest in Tesla’s experiments to make charging more accessible for EV drivers, offering pull-through style stalls that’s had the company’s vehicles raving in recent weeks.

The photo shows a single Tesla vehicle charging in one of two center columns, each of which includes four individual stalls. Surrounding the staggered center columns are rows of Superchargers lining the outside of the lots, offering another 16 stalls. Additionally, the stalls are laid out so that they line up with the charging port on the car’s rear on the driver’s side, potentially offering a more conducive layout for peak charging times.

Last month, Tesla revealed the winners of a new program in which people can vote for new Supercharger stations to be built. The company plans to let drivers propose and vote on new Supercharger locations in markets around the world, and all they need to do is log into their Tesla accounts here.

The global program completed its first round of stations from a range of proposed Superchargers across the U.S., Italy, Germany, Hungary, Japan, South Korea and several other locations. Users then voted on the proposed locations, with the most highly voted locations including Morro Bay and Big Bear Lake, California, Sylva, North Carolina, Dalton, Georgia and Lake Okeechobee, Florida.

Tesla’s Supercharger network is constantly expanding, and the company announced it had reached its 40,000th Supercharger stall worldwide last November. Still, Teslarati’s William Johnson notes that the automaker’s Supercharger network is nowhere near as extensive as the gas station options available to drivers of internal combustion vehicles.

Over the last year, Tesla has also been opening European Supercharger locations to non-Tesla vehicles in several countries. The pilot program is expected to reach the U.S. and Canadian markets at some point, and has even been alluded to in a past memo from the White House.

As Tesla’s Superchargers and EV fast-chargers continue to expand worldwide, we can also expect mainstream appeal to grow for battery-electric options over ICEs. However, they still have a ways to go in both design and worldwide frequency — meaning we’ll likely see huge developments in these areas over the next decade.


Sources: Twitter / Teslarati