CNET: Tesla Model X is still a car from the future [Video]

Good news for those considering the Model X — Tesla recently dropped the price of the 100D by $3,500 and P100D by $5,000. That said, is this the car for you? Tim Stevens from CNET's Roadshow* recently revisited the SUV and explained that, "the Model X isn't just an SUV. It's an electric SUV, of course, but it's a lot more than that, too. It's quicker than most sports cars on the road, yet far more practical and more comfortable. It offers a selection of luxury appointments rarely found on cars not costing well into the six figures and it manages to fit three rows of seats in a distinctive shape in a segment full of me-too crossovers."


Above: Tesla Model X P100D about to take flight (Source: CNET's Roadshow*)

So what's new with the Model X in 2017? "Now, buyers have a few different middle-row [seat] configurations to ponder, with room for either six or seven. Crucially, that middle row now folds flat... [and] Tesla now offers a 100 kilowatt-hour battery pack option, which gives a realistic 295 miles of range. That's up about 40 miles over last year, and to be honest even that figure felt like plenty. But, while the car didn't need more range, a little more comfort room never hurt."


Above: Model X's 22-inch onyx matte black wheels (Source: CNET's Roadshow*)

But, it's not just range and comfort that have gotten better, performance has also improved. "The top-shelf P100D will sprint from zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds, up two-tenths from last year's quickest. That's frankly ridiculous for any object that weighs 5,500 pounds, but I love it... When set to maximum power mode, the Model X is pretty astonishing. The acceleration is brutal and the throttle response instantaneous, but the real beauty is just how accessible it is. Any speed, any time, just dip your right foot slightly and you'll quickly be surveying the depths of the padding of the car's headrests." 


Above: Tim Stevens of CNET's Roadshow reviews a 2017 Tesla Model X P100D (Source: CNET's Roadshow*)

Stevens explains that the newest iterations of Tesla's falcon wing doors, Autopilot 2, and vegan seat upholstery have all shown improvements as well. Although he believes Tesla can do even better. That said, he concludes, "The Model X really is in a bit of a class of its own... A year later, there's still nothing like the Model X on the road. Driving it feels like driving the future, and while it's not for everybody, if it's for you you're in for a pretty special experience."


*Source: CNET's Roadshow / CNET's Roadshow