Contest Winner: Tesla owners are getting really creative this year for Halloween

Happy Halloween! This Halloween, we were wondering how Tesla owners would show off their love for the company (and the cars) leading up to the festivities this October. So we ran a contest.

To that end, we'd like to thank all those who sent in their favorite Halloween-Inspired Tesla photo for our Halloween Contest. So how did Tesla owners dress up their all-electric cars this Halloween?

Above: Posted by utrentluv via r/teslamotors / Source: netzmby via Instagram

After reviewing many contest entries, it became increasingly difficult to pick a winner — all entries were well thought out, fun, and super-creative.

Nevertheless, without further ado... the winner of our Halloween Contest is LUIS ALICEA! Congratulations Luis!!! You've won $500 worth of free stuff on! We'll go ahead and showcase your photo across social media, via our newsletter to over 60,000 Tesla owners, and on our website.

And for those readers out there... if you're too lazy to dress up your Tesla in a crazy new outfit, no problem — you can always take your Tesla out for a leisurely drive and look for a muscle car. That's right, just pull up to any gas-guzzling muscle car revving their noisy engine at a stop light. Look over, the light will turn green, and when he sees your Tesla leap off the line, you'll surely scare the bejesus out of him!

In any event, we appreciate all who entered the Halloween Contest and look forward to next year’s event. We also wanted to highlight a few 'honorable mention" photos that were sent in to us that we felt deserved some shine!