Cybertruck is the coolest car I’ve ever seen in my life, says Joe Rogan

The well-known comedian, UFC announcer, and podcaster with a massive social media following, Joe Rogan, recently made a visit to Tesla's new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. His visit to the electric automaker’s new factory happened on the same day as Tesla’s recent earnings call. 

Above: A Tesla Cybertruck prototype on display at Giga Austin (Source: Joe Rogan / Instagram).

Tesla put the latest version of the Cybertruck prototype on display on the factory floor. Rogan was amazed to see this machine in real life. He also posted a few pictures of it on his Instagram profile which has 14.4 million followers.

In the past, Elon Musk has appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast multiple times to talk about several issues and his vision for humanity. 

“The Cybertruck is the coolest car I’ve ever seen in my life. Insanely attractive in real life, and feels like a huge leap into the future,” Joe stated on the Instagram post (see below) along with some photos of the Cybertruck.

Instagram: Joe Rogan

Cybertruck is one of the most disruptive and polarizing designs in the history of the auto industry. However, despite the harsh criticism, Tesla is forging ahead with the angular design of the Cybertruck.

One potential reason for the low-poly design aesthetic of this futuristic electric pickup truck could be the unique production advantages it will provide with its 30X cold-rolled stainless steel.

Even though Cybertruck has its haters, there's a huge fanbase as well — many absolutely love the simplicity of the design and its aggressive futuristic looks. It reminds Elon Musk (and many others) of the sci-fi Blade Runner movie.

Even though Rogan currently owns a Model S, it's possible he might change over to driving a Cybertruck once the new Tesla is released.


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article was originally published by Tesla Oracle. Revised update edited by EVANNEX.