What will Tesla's Cybertruck user interface look like?

Posted on May 13, 2021 by Iqtidar Ali

Some pretty interesting Cybertruck center touchscreen user interface visuals were leaked recently when former Tesla Head of UI Design, Pawel Pietryka, uploaded them on his new company's website. 

Above: Inside the Tesla Cybertruck (Source: Tesla)

Pawel joined Tesla as an Art Director and Designer in 2016. Later on, he became the Head of UI Design and left the Silicon Valley automaker this year in March — after 4 years and 6 months. It appears he (perhaps mistakenly) uploaded the secretive Cybertruck UI as part of his portfolio to promote his new company's website Modern Grafik Anstalt, Inc. (MGA) and his prior work.

However, when this footage was discovered by the Tesla community on social media, Pawel deleted these UI graphics, most likely at the request of Tesla.

This prototype early version of the Cybertruck UI is darker-themed, different from the brighter UI in the Model S, 3, X, Y. Some of the Cybertruck’s newly-designed maps were also seen in the test drive videos from the unveiling back in 2019.

Tesla Cybertruck UI

Above: Tesla Cybertruck center touchscreen UI with the Cybertruck exterior and interior renders (Source: Tesla / MGA)

The design language of the Cybertruck UI also mirrors the futuristic electric pickup truck’s sharp-edged design — some refer to it as origami with stainless steel. The fonts, icons, and UI elements are all in line with the Cyberpunk design aesthetic.

These leaked UI screens look like mockup designs themselves — as opposed to being captured on a real Cybertruck. This Cybertruck center touchscreen UI might not be the final design that we'll (eventually) see after production starts at Gigafactory Texas later this year.

 Above: Cybertruck maps UI on its 17″ center touchscreen (Source: Tesla / MGA)

Tesla has moved the control navigation icons to the left in a vertical setting in this new Cybertruck UI, diverging from the bottom-horizontal setting in the existing vehicles.

The following short video from these leaks showcases the Cybertruck rendering on the center screen as the truck is turned on and the functions load up. Looks like a time-lapse video of the animation of screen elements. That said, we might end of getting a faster GPU in the Cybertruck.

Twitter: Tesla Adri

As a reference point, this futuristic UI layout actually reminds me of one of my favorite websites back in the early 2000s — the inspirational 2Advanced Studios V2. Coincidentally, 2Advanced Studios was the one who designed the first SpaceX website in 2002. 

YouTube: Web Design Museum

In any event, whatever the Cybertruck IU final design turns out to be, these early spy shots look pretty cool.


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article was originally published on Tesla Oracle.

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