Drag Racing: Here's proof the Tesla Model 3 is an absolute speed demon [Video]

Posted on October 06, 2018 by Iqtidar Ali

Even without the much-feared ‘Ludicrous Mode’, Tesla's Model 3 Performance version is creating some jaw-dropping scenes at drag race venues.

Image: Erik Strait / TeslaInventory.com

Erik Strait took a Tesla Model 3 Performance for a few 1/4 mile drag races and the results were really impressive — racing a Tesla Model X P100DL, Model 3 lost by a difference of only 0.1 second.

According to Erik, Model X and Model 3 were charged to 75% and 98% respectively before the race began. The thing to remember here is that the Model X was a Performance 100 kWh Dual-Motor racing with Ludicrous Mode (P100DL).

Later in the video we can see that the Dual-Motor Tesla Model 3 Performance smoked an old souped-up car and a Chevrolet Camaro SS which is not a stock vehicle as well.

Camaro SS lost the 1/4 mile drag race to the Model 3 Performance by 1.093 seconds — and don't forget, a full second difference means a lot in a quarter-mile drag race.

Youtube: DÆrik

Previously a RWD Model 3 broke it’s own quarter-mile record set by the Motor Trend testing team. The best quarter mile finish by a rear wheel drive Model 3 is 13.330 sec @ 104.07 mph.

Model 3 Performance is on a whole new level when it comes to acceleration — in the three drag races in the above video, Erik’s Model 3 Performance finished the quarter-mile in 11.762 sec @ 115.2 mph which really reflects Tesla‘s exemplary engineering chops. 

In a previous attempt Erik also took the Performance Model 3 to the track to race against a McLaren 570S Spider which is a purpose built racing machine that costs around $200,000 — the price of two Performance and one Standard Model 3s.

That said, in two attempts Erik was able to get as close as possible and lost by a difference of 0.167 second and 0.208 only.

Youtube: DÆrik

I’ll let you folks judge the results on the track, but it's no wonder critics from the Wall Street Journal to Top Gear are raving about the Model 3 Performance.


Written by: Iqtidar Ali via X Auto

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