A challenge to the electric vehicle community: plant a seed today!

March 19th, 2020 is Plant a Seed Day, a movement set to inspire millions of people around the world to plant seeds in order to grow food for their loved ones. It's a great message — celebrate the first day of Spring by planting a seed. It turns out that Elon Musk's brother, Kimbal, is the man behind this feel-good initiative.

Above: Christiana and Kimbal Musk challenge you to plant a seed today (Source: Christiana Musk / Medium)

Big Green, a company co-founded by Kimbal and his wife Christiana, started Plant a Seed Day to encourage everyone to plant a seed today all across the world. And in the face of so much adversity right now, it's actually an ideal time to start. Why? According to Christiana, as we're dealing with the COVID-19 threat, "we are at risk of consistent access to food, as well as suffering from fear and isolation."

Above: Kimbal Musk explains Plant a Seed Day (YouTube: Big Green)

In turn, she says, "while we are at home during this time of social distancing, we can take advantage of the opportunity to get grounded in the garden... [learning about] the wondrous world of plants and the ancient human capacity we have developed over the past 10,000 years since the dawn of agriculture — to cultivate our own food."

Above: Maye Musk is challenging Elon to plant a seed today (Twitter: Maye Musk)

"We can take a break from the physical and mental toll that results from sitting inside behind screens watching the crisis unfold. Growing our own food allows us to fill up on vitamin D from the sun, absorb good bacteria from the soil, reduce stress... and feel a sense of pride in our practice of self-reliance," says Christiana.

Above: Musk family and friends celebrate Plant a Seed Day (Source: Big Green)

So how can you join the movement? Here are four ways you can get involved:

  1. PLEDGE: to plant a seed at plantaseedday.org to access gardening resources and to stay connected to a global community of planters all growing seeds and sharing progress through the hashtag #plantaseedday.
  2. PLANT: plant a seed and snap a photo or video for social. Here is a social media toolkit with sample messaging and images to help you join and share the movement on social media.
  3. CHALLENGE: challenge someone (or many someones!) in your network to plant a seed too! The more seeds we plant, the bigger impact we make.
  4. POST: Share your post using #plantaseedday. Other tags include @plantaseedday @biggreen @seedsofchange #BeASeedOfChange and @kimbal on Twitter or @kimbalmusk on Instagram.


Source: Plant a Seed Day / Medium / Big Green