Take a dip in the Tesla Super Pool while Supercharging in Germany

Tesla has added a cool new attraction to a Supercharger station in Hilden, Germany — a mobile swimming pool. This small rectangular pool offers Tesla passengers a good time while charging their car. 

Above: Picture of the mobile swimming pool at the Hilden, Germany Supercharger station (Source: Tesla Welt Podcast / YouTube).

According to the German Tesla YouTube channel Tesla Welt Podcast, this pool at the Hilden Supercharger station began offering the service on Thursday, August 4, 2022. The Hilden Supercharger has a total of 40 charging stalls.

Tesla owners and passengers will be allowed to use the pool (aka Super Pool) for 10-minute intervals as their car receives DC fast charging at the Supercharger station. This small pool and the balls inside it are branded with the Tesla decals.

It normally takes 25-30 minutes on average to charge a Model 3 or Model Y from 20 to 80 percent state-of-charge (SoC) on both the older V2 Superchargers (150 kW) and the new V3 Supercharchargers (250 kW). 

A long-time Tesla enthusiast and an original Roadster owner opened a restaurant at the Hilden Supercharger location, all running on sustainable energy. The restaurant has installed separate solar panels on the poles in the open area and has installed a 2-Megawatt battery storage system by Tesvolt. And a FASTNED DC fast-charging station with 6 stalls is attached to the Tesla Supercharger station.

Tesla has also started offering its Supercharger stations to other electric vehicles in select locations, and the transition has already begun in Europe. For this reason, Tesla retrofits its European Supercharger stations with CCS2 plugs and its cars with the CCS2 design charge port.

Tesla is on an innovation spree in Germany as of late, with the automaker showcasing a trailer with expandable solar panels in the country just a few weeks ago — and now, the Hilden Supercharger swimming pool.

It turns out that the Hilden Tesla Supercharger is at least 564 km (~350 miles) away from the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg (by road, source: Google Maps).

In any event, you can check out the Tesla Welt podcast discussing the Hilden, Germany Supercharger swimming pool below.



Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article was originally published by Tesla Oracle. Revised update edited by EVANNEXVideo above: Tesla swimming pool located at a German Supercharger station (YouTube: Tesla Welt Podcast).