European car reviewer says Tesla Model 3 is like her 'soul mate'

Posted on November 04, 2020 by Matt Pressman

In 2018, Luxembourg-based Bianca Hurduc decided to start a car blog, Arctic Swan, to provide auto news and reviews. But the site needed a twist. Her car reviews are offered in English and French, featuring "inspiring lady drivers with wanderlust" with content "written by a woman for women." It turns out that Bianca's already gotten behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S and Model X. So what about the Model 3?  

Source: Arctic Swan

"This was the third summer in a row I tested a Tesla and I must tell you I’m in love with this tradition," Bianca writes about her most recent experience with the Model 3. "There is nothing like the experience of driving a Tesla... this makes you feel alive each time you are behind its steering wheel."

Source: Arctic Swan

So what's it like to drive the Model 3? "I honestly don’t know how to best describe the driving experience [other] than by telling you that this car is somehow connected to the driver in a personalized and versatile way. It adapts to your wishes, just like a soul mate. No words needed. The Model 3 just knows what you need, when you need it," she says.

Source: Arctic Swan

That said, Bianca admits that the Model 3 is quite different from her experience with the Model S and X. "The most shocking thing for the driver is that the well-known speedometer and tachometer are gone, together with the screen that we are so used to seeing in front of the steering wheel," she says.

Source: Arctic Swan

"Where are the air vents? They are invisible! What an amazing work of art," she sighs. In addition, "the all-glass roof extends from front to back, creating a sense of openness from every seat and a relaxed atmosphere for your trip."

Source: Arctic Swan

So what's her final takeaway after driving the Model 3? She concludes, "I honestly thought that testing a third Tesla wouldn’t be so exciting because I thought I already knew how awesome a Tesla is. But, the Model 3 managed to take my breath away through its many out-of-the-box, unique features. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it."


Source: Arctic Swan

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