European Model S and X vehicles to come with Tesla's CCS adapter

Back in the early days of EVs, Tesla foresaw that the ability to make long road trips would be a critical feature for car buyers. At the time, there was no standard for DC fast charging, and Tesla wasn’t willing to wait for other automakers to get their acts together - that’s why the company developed its proprietary Supercharger standard.

Above: CCS adapter for Tesla's Model S (Image: Charged)

The EV charging industry has come a long way since then, and CCS has become the most popular standard in the US and Europe. Sprawling new networks based on CCS are being rolled out as we speak.

Last November, Tesla announced that Model 3 vehicles sold in the European market would come with a CCS Combo 2 charge port, and that European Supercharger stations would be retrofitted with dual cables.

Above: A look at Tesla's CCS adapter (Image: Charged)

Now Tesla has begun including a new CCS adapter with all new Models S and X delivered in Europe. This means that all European buyers of new Teslas will have convenient access to CCS fast chargers as well as to Superchargers. According to Electrek, the device is only being provided to new buyers in Europe for now, but it seems likely that Tesla will make it available for existing owners to purchase before long.

Tesla says the adapter allows charging at rates of up to 120 kW, a limitation which is imposed “by the car and not the adapter.”


Written by: Charles Morris; This article originally appeared in Charged; Source: Electrek