Quiet Please: Fix Tesla Model 3 rattles in minutes [Video]

Although the earlier production Model 3 panel gaps (and alignment issues) are long gone since production at the Tesla Fremont factory streamlined, some owners may experience minor issues occasionally. Let's face it, an electric vehicle is extremely quiet. This can sometimes amplify small sounds in the car. With a relatively easy fix, some of these sounds can be quickly silenced. 

Above: Various rattling noise points identified (Source: bloggosphere/YouTube)

To that end, the video below addresses certain rattles (or noises) coming out of various locations in the Model 3. These culprits include the passenger side front wheel well and fender liner joint, passenger door speaker and tweeter, and driver side footwell area against the AC vent. 

To take care of these minor rattles, this Model 3 owner uses a 'window adhesive foam' (foam seal tape) which can be found at your local Home Depot (or Amazon). One roll of the tape is typically more than enough to take care of the problem. To fix a door tweeter rattle, he used CA Superglue after removing it by pulling it up and away from the door panel — the tweeter is held by small tabs inside the frame.

Above: Tesla Model 3 rattles solved in minutes (YouTube: bloggosphere)

In order to test these rattles after fixing them, you can download a 'tone generator app' from your phone's app store, play the soundtrack from outside the car at 75 -100% after connecting the phone via Bluetooth, and a friend (or assistant) sitting inside the car should be able to quickly locate the rattling sounds with this method.

In addition, the video below contains a bit more of a complex tutorial where a Model 3 owner fixed a rattle sound coming from the seatbelt adjuster. The tools needed for this are: wrenches (Torx T45 and T50), fill tape, pair of scissors, and (obviously) some experience and confidence fixing expensive stuff like your Tesla! 

Above: A DIY fix for the seatbelt adjuster in the Model 3 (YouTube: LivingTesla)

It's important to note: it's always best to get these issues handled by the pros at your Tesla Service Center. In fact, Tesla's service techs often come right to your home (or work) to fix the problem. You could even show Tesla's service techs these quick DIY hacks if they're struggling to find and/or fix rattling sounds inside your Model 3. 

In the end, silence is golden. With the absence of a traditional internal combustion engine, Tesla's Model 3 is one of the cleanest and quietest cars on planet earth — helping to reduce air (and noise) pollution.

Please note: If the prior two videos don't do the trick, there are a few other recommended fixes that might help (check out this extended 'Bonus Video' below). 

Bonus Video: More Rattle Fixes

Above: A few other rattles and squeaks that can be solved with some rather quick fixes (YouTube: jjcentral)


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article was originally published on X Auto.