Ford Mustang towed and ticketed for ICE-ing at a Tesla Supercharger

Two Ford owners learned their lesson the hard way recently after they intentionally parked their cars (a Ford Focus and Ford Mustang) at the Walnut Creek Tesla Supercharger in California. A Tesla Model 3 and Model X owner aka 'Tesla Life of Deenchik (@dollarn9ne)' was present at the time and reported his story on Twitter.

Above: Ford Mustang blocking the Tesla Supercharger, a cop with the tow truck is on-site to tow the ICE car away (Source: @dollarn9ne)

There are two rows for vehicle parking at the station. The one from which the Tesla owner took the photos and video (below) is 'preferred' parking for Tesla owners for the purpose of charging but the opposite row where the Ford Mustang can be seen parked is 'Tesla Only' and marked as such. In addition, it turns out there was a line of Teslas waiting to charge. 

When @dollarn9ne reminded the Mustang owner that this was dedicated parking for Tesla owners to charge, the Mustang owner gave him the middle finger and walked away. After that, the Tesla owner decided to call the cops and settle the matter.

Fortunately, the cops arrived at the scene with a tow truck and towed both the Mustang and the Focus and issued a ticket. With the cost of towing and a ticket to pay (or defend), hopefully the Ford guys wont repeat this mistake again, thanks to @dollarn9ne.

The story unfolded in the following Twitter thread...

It looks like @dollarn9ne has a thing with Mustangs. He previously showcased video footage where he defeated a Ford Mustang GT in a random street race with his Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

In any event, the Ford v. Tesla battle continues to heat up in 2020. In fact, Ford decided to leverage its Mustang namesake to launch its all-electric SUV, the Mach-E, to challenge Tesla. Meanwhile, Tesla is not sitting idle. The Silicon Valley automaker is launching its much-anticipated Model Y SUV this year. 


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article was originally published on X Auto.