Ford Revives a Classic: The Capri Returns as an Electric Vehicle

Ford Revives a Classic: The Capri Returns as an Electric Vehicle

Ford Europe is gearing up to unveil its latest electric vehicle (EV) this week, reviving a classic name with a modern twist. Set to debut on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, Ford's new EV is expected to be the all-electric Capri, a beloved model from the past, now reimagined for the future.

A Legendary Comeback
In a recent social media tease, Ford announced, “The legend is back,” hinting at the return of the Capri after a 38-year hiatus. The new model, anticipated to be a sporty crossover SUV coupe, follows the release of the electric Explorer and marks Ford's continued collaboration with Volkswagen's MEB platform.

Building on Success
Last month, Ford's Cologne EV plant in Germany saw the first all-electric Explorer roll off the assembly line. This move is part of Ford’s strategy to boost sales in Europe through its 2020 deal with Volkswagen. The electric Explorer, boasting a WLTP range of up to 374 miles (600 km) and powered by a dual-motor system similar to VW’s GTX models, has already set high expectations.

The Return of the Capri
The original Ford Capri was a hit in the 1970s, selling over 400,000 units in just its first two years. The new electric version aims to capture the same excitement with updated technology and design. Ford’s teaser video adds a nostalgic touch, showing a man attempting to charge an old Capri 2.8 Injection at its fuel cap, while the new EV drives off with “The legend is back” displayed on its rear window.

Competitive Edge
The new Capri EV, along with the Explorer, will feature specifications akin to Volkswagen’s ID.4 and ID.5 models. The electric Explorer, starting at £45,875 ($58,000) in Europe, will soon be joined by a lower-priced, standard range version, expected to start at about £39,875 ($50,000).

Ford’s strategic shift towards electric vehicles also includes the retirement of the Fiesta to make way for these new models at its enhanced Cologne facility. The revival of the Capri as an electric vehicle highlights its commitment to blending nostalgia with modern innovation, positioning itself competitively in the EV market with its new and upgraded models.


The photo used in this blog post is AI-generated and does not accurately represent the actual appearance of the Ford Capri EV.