Former Tesla board member reveals Oracle Corp's next-gen Cybertruck police vehicle

Former Tesla board member reveals Oracle Corp's next-gen Cybertruck police vehicle

Co-founder and CTO of Oracle Corp Larry Ellison unveiled the company’s next-generation police car in his CloudWorld 2023 keynote. To much surprise to the world, this vehicle is none other than Tesla’s non-conventional electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck.

Around 53 minutes into his keynote presentation, Larry Ellison started discussing Oracle’s cloud-based software solutions for first responders. He first showed the 1st-generation Oracle Police Car, a Ford Explorer SUV with an internal combustion engine (ICE).

Ellison then showed the next slide after articulating the technological advancements of using a Tesla car as a police cruiser. Unexpectedly, a picture of a customized Cybertruck police vehicle appeared on the large screen behind him.

Introducing the police cruiser Cybertruck, Larry Ellison said that it’s his favorite car and it’s Elon Musk’s favorite car as well. Tesla Cybertruck is actually the brainchild of Elon Musk and he adores this electric truck. He has been driving its prototypes for years now.

Oracle chose a Tesla vehicle as its next-gen customized police car because of its factory-fitted center touchscreen display and the suite of cameras. By having a Tesla vehicle as a police car, Oracle would save on the extra burden of cost of these components then installing them into a vehicle and creating custom software as well. A Tesla is already equipped with the necessary hardware and software to provide a base for further customizations for a purpose-built vehicle.

Here’s what Larry Ellison said when announcing the Cyebrtruck as Oracle’s next-gen police patrol cruiser:

Our next-generation police car is coming out very soon, it’s my favorite police car, it’s my favorite car actually, it’s Elon’s favorite car, haha.

It’s incredible, I know too much about it, some of it still have to be disclosed but among other things, it’s very safe, very fast, it’s got a stainless steel body. We don’t have to add a screen to it or we don’t have to add cameras to it because already actually use their existing cameras and their existing screen to put our application up for people in the Tesla vehicles.

Larry Ellison keynote presenation at Oracle’s CloudWorld 2023 (vdeo below).

Larry Ellison has been on Tesla’s board of directors in the past. He owns a sizable chunk of TSLA shares as well and is a good friend of Elon Musk. Musk even considers him a mentor and takes his advice in difficult situations. This pretty much explains why Larry Ellison knows a lot about the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck.

Oracle will be using its cloud technology and specialized software as a layer over Tesla’s basic software to provide the needed functionality of a cloud-based police car. This will make it much easier for the police vehicle and the command center to communicate even in places and situations where cellular signals are not present or lost. Larry said these cars will be connected to their respective command centers via satellite whenever needed.

Larry Ellison said that Oracle’s Cybertruck police cruiser is coming soon but did not give a tentative timeline for its availability.

Tesla is touted to start deliveries of the Cybertruck in October 2023 after a long wait by its customers. With over 2 million pre-orders, the Austin, Texas-based electric automaker has a lot on its plate when it comes to Cybertruck production.


It’s not the first time that a Tesla vehicle is considered a police patrol car. Earlier this year, the South Pasadena Police Department pledged to convert 100% of its fleet to electric vehicles with Tesla Model Y SUVs.

However, seeing the rough and tough Cybertruck as a police enforcer vehicle gives us a glimpse of the futuristic Blade Runner universe — Elon Musk’s Cybertruck inspiration.

Above: Larry Ellison explaining the Tesla Cybertruck police car.


Source: Oracle Corporation.

Note: An earlier version of this article was published at Tesla Oracle. Author: Iqtidar Ali.