Video: Founder of Tesla Model 3 Owners Club visits us

Big news has been swirling around the Tesla Model 3. Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] CEO Elon Musk explained that the Model 3 will not have a 100kWh configuration. Why? He noted that it "will be lower. Wheelbase can't fit 100." Sources told Electrek that Tesla has already started testing third generation systems in a Model 3 test mule configured with dual motors and a 70 kWh battery pack. And, Musk tweeted that the "Model 3 is the [company's] overwhelming priority." Just yesterday, Reuters reported that "Tesla aims to start pilot production of [a few] Model 3 cars on February 20(th)" and Tesla confirmed the buzz. And another change making headlines is that the Model 3's logo (☰), its three horizontal lines, is changing to a numeric ‘3’. 


Above: New Tesla Model 3 logo (Source: Tesla)

In any event, we had a lot of Model 3 news to discuss with Trevor Page, Founder of the Model 3 Owners Club, when he swung by for a visit at our offices here in South Florida. He was accompanied by his wife, Bev, to check out the operation before they embarked on a vacation/cruise throughout the Carribean islands. I assured Trevor that I'd be happy to give him a tour but that we didn't exactly have our own massive Gigafactory. As a small family business, we make most of our products right here at our offices so he got a private tour. My father, Roger, and I also showed him some cool, unusual collectibles from our many Tesla visits to Fremont.


Above: Model 3 Owners Club Founder, Trevor Page, visits us over the weekend (Youtube: Model 3 Owners Club)

It was such a pleasure to meet Trevor and Bev in person. They're both so extremely informed on everything Tesla-related. In addition to chatting about the latest Model 3 news, Trevor's got some fascinating predictions. I won't spoil it for anyone as he may be filming future videos on his youtube channel to explain — I strongly recommend you subscribe to hear his Model 3 forecast. For instance, he already had a better undercover Model 3 video than the one we revealed last week from a European Tesla store. Anyhow, check out the video (above) and notice that he's already updated his "3" logo to reflect the new one. Well done Trevor... we hope to see you here again soon!