From EVANNEX To All Tesla/EV Owners: Happy Labor Day!

From EVANNEX To All Tesla/EV Owners: Happy Labor Day!

With Labor Day officially upon us, we're excited to celebrate another year of the hard work that makes electric vehicles possible. From the labor performed by Tesla employees to make EVs available, to the Tesla fans and owners that have purchased and helped to popularize EVs, a lot of work has gone into helping the transportation industry become more green. And while there's still a lot more work to be done, it's worth celebrating how far we've come over the past decade.

Above: Celebrating the 2023 EVANNEX Labor Day Sale (Image: EVANNEX).

For EVANNEX, transitioning to EVs with Tesla was a no-brainer, if not for the sustainability element, at least in part for the technology. Now, as several traditional and startup automakers alike follow in Tesla's footsteps, including Ford, GM, Rivian and several others, the world of EVs is growing quickly — and there are more Teslas on the road than ever.

So to celebrate the work that goes into building and selling Tesla's cars, we're offering tons of discounts on aftermarket accessories this Labor Day, and you can take advantage of them all week.

Enjoy while you can — this just might be your chance to pick up that new Tesla accessory you've been looking at.


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