GMC Hummer EV looks massive next to a Tesla Model Y

Posted on November 04, 2021 by Iqtidar Ali

A Tesla Model Y owner was surprised to see a GMC Hummer EV parked beside his car when he came out of a Starbucks coffee shop in Detroit, Michigan. Although a Model Y electric SUV is larger than a Model 3, it still looks pretty small compared to the Hummer EV.

Tesla Model Y and Hummer EV side-by-side.

Above: Tesla Model Y (left) and a Hummer EV production-ready prototype (right) parked side-by-side outside Starbucks (Source: u/VicBurgundy / Reddit, posted with written permission)

Actually, the Hummer EV will be a direct competitor with Tesla's Cybertruck both in vehicle size and market segment. And according to GM CEO Mary Barra, the Hummer is one of many new electric vehicles that will help the Detroit automaker take down Tesla by 2025.

The photos captured here showcase two different angles which demonstrate how massive the Hummer EV is in contrast to the Model Y. However, if we compare the length of the Tesla Cybertruck and the Hummer EV, the Cybertruck is 40.3 inches (1,024 mm) longer than the Hummer EV (237.1 in vs. 196.8 in respectively).

To that end, when we finally get a chance to see the GM and Tesla electric trucks side-by-side at some point in the future, the stainless steel Cybertruck will probably look much larger than the almighty Hummer EV.

“Finally got to see the Hummer EV up close today at our local Starbucks. The size of this vehicle next to our Model Y is crazy. Also saw the 4-wheel steering in action when they pulled out of the parking lot. Very cool, love seeing more varieties of EVs on the street,” the Model Y owner posted on Reddit. 

Tesla Model Y parked beside a Hummer EV

Above: Tesla Model Y and Hummer EV parked side-by-side outside Starbucks in Detroit, Michigan (Source: u/VicBurgundy / Reddit, posted with written permission)

The Hummer EV has some impressive features including a 4-wheel steer-ability “Crab Mode”. That said, Tesla is working on a similar 4-wheel steering capability for the Cybertruck. “We’re adding rear-wheel steering, so it can do tight turns & maneuver with high agility,” Elon Musk said in a tweet while giving an update related to Cybertruck development earlier this year.

General Motors has set up a dedicated EV assembly plant in Detroit-Hamtramck, MI and named it Factory Zero (referencing zero-emission cars manufactured at the facility). Factory Zero is expected to start production of the Hummer EV Pickup late this year and the Hummer EV SUV in 2024.

It's likely that the Hummer EVs that are mostly seen in Michigan these days are production-ready prototype vehicles driven by GM employees for testing and calibration.

Before the Hummer EV goes into production, Rivian has (already) begun rolling its R1T electric pickup trucks off the production line and Giga Texas is also getting prepped for Cybertruck production spinning up sometime in 2022.


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article was originally published by Tesla Oracle. Revised update edited by EVANNEX.

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