Have a Happy Valentine's Day the Tesla Way

This Valentine's Day brings back an amusing Tesla story from a Model S owner in the UK. It turns out that he decided to transform his Model S into the ultimate lovemobile. How? He created a custom "My Valentine" license plate, included 100 giant Ecuadorian red roses and a bottle of Cristal champagne, and had it all delivered to his sweetheart by an invisible chauffeur — a "summoned" Tesla Model S.

Above: Now that's a Valentine's gift (Source: Arena Flowers - Flowers HQ)

Oh — and there's a plot twist too. Without providing any further spoiler alerts, be sure to check out the commercial below. Although this ad was filmed a ways back, I spoke with the owner of Arena Flowers, Will Wynne (it's his Tesla), and he mentioned that he's since upgraded his Model S. He also told me this Valentine's Day commercial turned out to be a big hit too for his company. Check it out...

Above: This unusual Valentine's Day commercial prominently features Tesla (Source: Arena Flowers - Flowers HQ)

So forget those fly-by-night flower shops... if you're in the UK you should definitely order from the Arena Flowers folks for all your holidays this year. Will (and his family) were once profiled on the Tesla blog where Will recalled, "Within a year, we’d bought three Model S. Firstly, my mother, Jackie, took receipt of her birthday present from my father, Richard, a Model S 85. Six months later, I collected my Model S."

Above: Arena Flowers is a family business in the UK where everyone owns a Tesla (Image: Tesla)

Will explained his love for Tesla is all about "guilt free enjoyment — this is key. I used to have a very fast sports car and every time I put my foot down, I could feel the money flowing out of my wallet. It’s truly special to know you’re having the smoothest and fastest drive of your life but yet it’s costing you either very little (home charging) or nothing (Supercharging) AND you’re not harming the environment either." In any event, happy Valentine's Day to the crew over at Arena Flowers and to all loving Tesla owners (and fans) out there.