Here's how you can win a Tesla

Posted on May 23, 2017 by Matt Pressman

Owning a Tesla is not an altogether inexpensive experience. What if there was a way you could actually win yourself a free Tesla? According to CleanTechnica*, "Massachusetts is setting out to be the first state to put a price on carbon pollution. One of the organizations leading the charge is launching a fundraiser that is sure to catch the eye and imagination of many: Climate XChange* is holding its second Tesla raffle.... [to win] the most sought after electric [cars] are the Tesla Model S sedan and Model X SUV. Now, for the price of a $250 raffle ticket, you could become the proud owner of either one." 


Above: Tesla Model S (Instagram: esistme)

Yes, you can really win a free, loaded Tesla — it turns out that "If you are the grand prize winner, you will receive a check for $120,000. Use it to order the Tesla of your dreams. You get to pick the model. You get to pick the color. You get to pick the options. But you get more than that. On top of the $120,000, you also will receive a check for an extra $40,000 that you can use to pay any applicable federal or state income tax. There should be enough money left over to pay state sales tax and registration fees, too."


Above: How to win a Tesla (Youtube: Climate XChange)

Even Owning Model S author, Nick Howe, is getting in on the action (see below). And there are more Tesla-related prizes too: "Second place prize is a spot in line for a Model 3 plus $10,000. Third place also comes with a guaranteed spot in line for a Model 3 and $5,000. Cash prizes round out the top six." Tickets are still available and "the drawing will be held on July 4, 2017. Only 2,500 total tickets will be sold, so order yours online today."


Above: Nick Howe discusses the raffle (Youtube: News from the Frunk)

So what (and who) is Climate XChange? They're definitely some good folks — Climate XChange, a 501(c)3, cites their mission: "to provide policymakers and advocates with cutting-edge information on market-based solutions to climate change."


Above: Enter to win a free Tesla (Source: Climate XChange)

And these Climate XChange folks are busy working to make real changes, "promoting awareness of the carbon pricing legislation pending in the Massachusetts legislature. One is Senator Michael Barrett’s 'An Act Combating Climate Change' — a carbon pricing bill in the Senate — and the other is 'An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure, Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Create Jobs,' put forth by Representative Jen Benson in the House." So, go ahead, here's a raffle you can definitely feel good about... win yourself a Tesla!


*Source: CleanTechnica / Climate XChange

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