Here's why Tesla continues to lead the electric vehicle pack [Infographic]

Although Big Auto continues to turn up the volume on their electric vehicle rhetoric, it's doubtful we'll see any meaningful Tesla competitors for some time. Why? Big Auto is quick to hype plenty of all-electric concept cars, but, launching production EVs remains a painfully slow process. Sure, that'll change eventually. But, until then, we're forced to look at how Tesla stacks up against current electric vehicle competition on the road today.


Above: Tesla Model S takes on the open road (Instagram: p1tz)

Looking at performance stats, Tesla's top-end flagship sedan, the Model S P100D, remains an absolute beast. The "ludicrous" ability to rocket from 0-60 MPH in 2.28 seconds, makes Tesla's Model S the fastest accelerating production car on the planet. Gas-guzzling supercars that cost more than a million dollars can't catch it — let alone other EVs. That said, EV connoisseurs may be concerned about more practical matters — driving range and charging capability. 


Above: Tesla Model S and Model X in front of Tesla's Tilburg production facility in the Netherlands (Instagram: bypantheon)

According to Inverse*, "The United States Department of Transportation claims that 100 miles of range is sufficient for 90 percent of all household trips in the country." So nearly all electric cars today are great in order to get around town. For short commutes, you won't have a problem in most EVs. Take the driving range of the Nissan Leaf in comparison with today's available electric vehicles (see infographic below) — yes, it placed last on the list, but, it's still more-than-sufficient to handle most drivers' needs.


Above: Weekend road trip in a Tesla Model S (Youtube: bkgarceau)

That said, what about taking the celebrated summer road trip with family or friends? Recently, we analyzed how Tesla fared against the current crop of EV competitors. From LA to San Francisco or from Amsterdam to Stuttgart — Tesla was the clear road trip winner. And Tesla's charging infrastructure also reigns supreme. In order to illustrate this further, be sure to check out this handy infographic that details how Tesla's Model S and Model X dominates other electric vehicles...



Source / Infographic: Inverse via Title Pro