Hotels are trying to attract Tesla owners

Hotel chains across the world are working to attract Tesla owners. This month, Crowne Plaza hotel chain announced they're partnering with Tesla in Australia and New Zealand. The Financial reports, "Crowne Plaza is the first hotel network to install Tesla Destination Chargers at all of their properties across Australasia... Tesla owners can now travel throughout NSW, VIC, ACT, WA, QLD and New Zealand with peace of mind knowing that multiple Crowne Plaza properties across the region will keep them fully charged and ready to hit the road." 

Above: Crowne Plaza hotel network is installing Tesla Destination chargers across all their properties in Australia and New Zealand (Image: The Financial)

Leanne Harwood, the company's Managing Director in Australasia and Japan explained, "Installing Tesla Destination Chargers further supports our local commitment to sustainability and innovation, with an aim to reducing pollution and emission levels throughout Australasia. As electric cars gain in popularity in Australia it also gives us an opportunity to be innovative and cater to guests who drive them."

Hotels recognize that Tesla owners represent sought-after group of early adopters. It's reported that, "The electric car industry, with Tesla leading the way, continues to deliver sophisticated and innovative products that showcase a blend of style and sustainability, appealing to everyone from car enthusiasts, to tech geeks and environmentalists. Being at the forefront of the sustainability conversation was one reason that Crowne Plaza installed Tesla Destination Chargers across its network."

Above: Model S charging at a Tesla Destination Charger (Image: Tesla)

And other hotel chains are also partnering with Tesla to install their Destination Chargers. Last fall, Electrek reported that Tesla was planning to expand its Destination Charger program to up to 200 Hilton hotel locations. Currently, Tesla has over 7,000 Destination Charger locations worldwide. To find local Destination Chargers here in the U.S., check out a comprehensive listing (via Tesla) that includes a broad array of hotels. 

Although hotel charging can be a nice perk when taking vacation road trips, it's also handy for Tesla owners when they're on the road for business. Speaking from personal experience, when I last attended the EV Transportation and Technology Summit at the Florida Solar Energy Center, I chose to stay at Cocoa Beach's Hilton as they were equipped with dedicated Tesla Destination Chargers on-site. Getting that guaranteed charge every night gave me extra peace of mind during my stay.


Above: Virgin Hotel's on-site Tesla Model S available for guests at their Chicago location (Image: Cool Hunting)

But what if you decide against taking a road trip in your own Tesla and need to fly to your destination instead? No problem. Lucky guests at the Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina,  Mandarin Oriental Miami, and W Hotel Hong Kong actually have access to Teslas on-site for their hotel guests. And Elon Musk's pal, Richard Branson, even decided to make a Tesla the official "house car" at the Virgin Hotel in Chicago.