How a Tesla Buyer Got an Inventory Model 3 for Under $14,000

How a Tesla Buyer Got an Inventory Model 3 for Under $14,000

Tesla buyers are getting their vehicles for lower prices than ever before through a combination of incentives, discounts and the automaker’s many price reductions throughout this year. In recent weeks, one such buyer in California was able to stack these incentives and discounts in such a way that he was able to buy a Model 3 for under $14,000.

Above: A Tesla Model 3 (Image: Casey Murphy / EVANNEX).

In a recent thread, Twitter user Zohar (@Zoron9102) shared how he was able to purchase a Model 3 for just $13,620 after incentives and discounts, after finding an affordable inventory unit nearby (via electrek). While the RWD Model 3 sells for $40,240 through Tesla’s order configurator, the company has also been offering huge discounts on inventory models of the sedan in the past several weeks. 

Zohar found an inventory Model 3 with a starting price of $37,120, and through his “unique combo of state/local rebates, the federal tax credit” and the inventory discount, he was essentially able to knock $27,620 off the normal starting price of a base-level Model 3. The average new car sales price in the U.S. is $48,000 making certain trims of both the Model 3 and Model Y more affordable than the average car.

To garner such a massive cost reduction, Zohar took advantage of six different discounts and incentives that brought his price down, including some related to his location in California. In the thread, Zohar also explained that he was in a “unique financial situation” last year, allowing him to qualify for multiple increased rebates for low-income individuals.

Following are the specific discounts and incentives Zohar was able to gain access to:

  • $4,120 off from buying an inventory Model 3
  • $500 off from using the Tesla referral program
  • $7,500 off from using the Federal U.S. EV Tax Credit
  • $7,500 off from using the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP)
  • $4,000 off from using the Central Coast Community Energy’s Electrify Your Ride Program
  • $4,000 of from using the EV Incentive Program through the Monterey Bay Air Resources District

Obviously, not all buyers will be eligible for this group of incentives, especially for rebates like the CVRP which are designed to benefit low-income buyers. Still, this list could include some rebates and discounts users weren’t previously aware of, and similar regional rebates may exist for those in certain areas.

You can view Tesla’s discounted inventory Model 3 units on its website here, featuring units for as low as $37,020 depending on where you are. You can also make your purchase using Zohar’s referral here to get $500 to $1,000 off along with three months of the Full Self-Driving beta.


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