How Much Does it Cost to Have a Tesla Powerwall Installed?

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Tesla Powerwall Installed?

The Tesla Powerwall is an energy storage system that pairs with solar panels to offer backup power storage to your home. In addition to reducing a homeowner’s reliance on the electrical grid, the Powerwall lets users monitor and manage their backup power, even remotely. This technology is especially useful in the case of a power outage, but how much does it actually cost to have a Tesla Powerwall battery system installed?

Above: A Tesla service center (Image: Casey Murphy / EVANNEX).

The cost of a Tesla Powerwall can vary depending on a few different factors, including where you live, how many you plan to install and what model you choose, among other factors still. In addition, it’s worth noting that Tesla mandates you use a Tesla-certified installer to have them installed if you have them, even if you purchase them without installation from Tesla.

According to the Powerwall order configurator on Tesla’s website, one Powerwall costs $8,700 before the cost of installation and delivery, and before savings of up to 30 percent from the federal tax credit.

While the total price of a Powerwall can vary significantly from one use case to the next, a recent MarketWatch analysis found that, with installation and labor purchased through Tesla, a single Powerwall generally costs around $11,500. Without the installation charge, the price comes out to around $9,200, though users will still need to work with a Tesla-certified installer.

Regarding delivery and installation, Tesla gives buyers two options, both of which come with an extra delivery fee. The first delivery option lets you order the Powerwall and have it installed for around $6,000-$6,200, while the second charges only a $200 delivery fee, but doesn’t include installation. Even in these cases, buyers will need to work with a Tesla-certified installer, and the company recommends you reach out before making your purchase to get a quote.

Most installers will recommend that users buy two to three Powerwalls, and most homeowners will usually install between two and four to keep them running through a typical outage. Buyers can use up to 10 Powerwalls together in one residence. The more Powerwalls you have, the more backup energy you’ll be able to store.

Tesla’s Powerwalls can be ordered with or without the company’s solar panels or solar roof, and they also work with solar equipment from other brands. The Powerwall has a storage capacity of 13.5 kWh, which is larger than most other batteries designed to store solar power. Additionally, purchase comes with a 10-year warranty on Powerwalls, and Tesla guarantees as much as 70 percent capacity by the end of the warranty timeline.

Right now, Tesla is offering a $500 rebate for each Powerwall purchased, as long as they're installed and registered before the end of October.

Below you can see a breakdown of the cost of Powerwall installation according to MarketWatch, showing how the per-unit price drops as you purchase more units.

Number of Powerwalls

Total Cost with Tesla Installation

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