How to shop for wheels and rims for your EV

How to shop for wheels and rims for your EV

Imagine you have a wheel that you want to mount on your car. This wheel has a certain position where it fits best. Two important things decide where this wheel sits on your car: offset & backspace. Let's break them down for you!

 Offset: This is where the middle-spoked area that mounts to the car, or face of the wheel, lines up to your car. Think of them like this:

 Positive Offset: When the face is more towards the outside edge of the wheel. This makes the wheel stick out more from the car's body. This is represented with a +32 on most standard wheels.  That's known as +32mm of offset.

 Negative Offset: Now, picture a wheel where the middle-spoked part that attaches to the car is more towards the inside of the car. The middle of the wheel is pulled inboard. This makes the wheel sit closer to the car's body, kind of tucked in. This is typically represented by a -32, or -32mm offset.

In short, positive offset means the wheel sticks out more, while negative offset means it's more tucked in towards the car.

 Then there's a wheel's Backspace: How much space there is between the back of the wheel (where it attaches to the car) and the inside edge of the wheel. If you don't know the backspace, the wheel might not sit in the right spot. It could stick out too much and rub against the car, or it might sit too far inside and rub against the suspension or other parts. Knowing the backspace helps make sure everything fits properly and your car runs smoothly.

 Together, these things help figure out where the wheel goes in the car's wheel well. When in doubt about what will fit, you can checkout photos from other people's cars or just take your best jab at measuring it yourself with a tape measurer! If you accidentally use the wrong offset or backspace for your wheel, it could cause some issues! 

 Wrong Offset: If the offset is off, the wheel might not sit correctly in the wheel well. If it sticks out too much, it could rub against the fender or other parts of the car, especially when you turn. This can damage both the wheel and the car. If the offset is too far inside, it might hit the suspension or brake parts inside the wheel well, which can be dangerous and mess up your ride.

 Wrong Backspace might make the wheel sit too far in or out. If it's too far in, it might rub against the suspension or other parts inside the wheel well, causing damage and making driving unsafe. In both cases, using the wrong offset or backspace can mess up the way your car drives and potentially damage both the wheel and the car itself.

 EVANNEX also offers guaranteed fitment wheels and rims, as well as wheel/tire packages.  We take all the guesswork out of measuring offset and backspacing, and we've even kitted several styles and sizes so you can easily shop for whatever sizing you need.  We even have updated styles of Tesla inspired wheels, so you can achieve the precise look you desire!

If you already have wheels that you love, but feel like the fitment could be a little more flush - then checkout our EVANNEX Wheel Spacers!  They can push the face of the wheel out for a more flush look and affordable solution.