How-To Checklist: Transporting a Tesla Out-Of-State

How-To Checklist: Transporting a Tesla Out-Of-State

Because of Tesla’s surging popularity, especially among pre-owned models, more people want to know how to get their newly-owned Tesla shipped safely. They want to know how you can ship a Tesla, or how much the shipping will cost?” Shipping cars doesn’t happen often, so this information isn’t always easy to find. For answers, we talked to industry expert Nicholas Dutko, owner of the transport service Car Shipping Carriers. He gave us a handy checklist for a rundown on how you can learn to ship a Tesla and have it delivered dent-free.


Above: Nicholas Dutko’s delivery of his CPO 2013 Tesla Model S

If you’ve purchased a Tesla out-of-state, you’ll have to consider getting it moved by a professional shipping company. You can have Tesla ship it directly, but that can be costly –up to $1,500. They also use a less-secure open car hauler, and when you’re buying your dream car, you want it to look like it just came off the showroom floor. To make sure your car shows up looking pristine, you should look into enclosed car shipping services. These outsider shipping companies provide professional auto transport that’s less expensive than going through Tesla.

Not all car shipping companies are equal. You’ll want to make sure you find a reliable service that doesn’t stress you out and doesn’t damage your Tesla during the shipping process. This is where the checklist from Nick comes in. Here are the steps you can go through to find the right car shipping company for you:

  1. Search for car shipping companies on Google and narrow it down to three or four choices.
  2. Do your research on each company and take time to read through their website. There should be lots of information on their site for you, including links to social media and review sites like Transport Reviews and the Better Business Bureau. You should also see a link to, or information on their site about their licensing through the U.S. Department of Transportation. This information will let you know how long the company has existed, whether they have the proper licensing, their credibility, and how they’ve treated past customers.
  3. Once you’ve decided on a service, you’ll have to submit your information to get a quote on your auto transport, either online or by phone. When speaking with the company, be sure to ask plenty of questions. In return, they should be able to answer your questions fully. Their job is to let you know how their business works and how they can take care of your needs.
  4. Once you’ve chosen a company for the transport service, you’ll have to put your faith in them. Finding a company you can trust, and who has the proper ratings and reviews, can take a few days. Be sure to take your time.
  5. Once you’ve found the right hauler, the company you’ve placed the order with will give you additional details: who’s picking up your vehicle, an estimate for pick-up and delivery time, and you can even request insurance documents from the company if you’d like.

In addition, we’d recommend the following:

1. Ask the seller to put a full range charge on your Tesla before it’s shipped. Just in case there are transit delays, it’s a really good idea to have a fully charged battery.

2. Ask the seller to inspect the car and photograph the body so that if a ding shows up, there isn’t finger pointing.

3. As the hauler whether they’ve had experience shipping Teslas. If they have not, be sure they understand proper towing protocol for Teslas.

Using these guidelines, we’re sure you’ll have a pleasant car shipping experience from start to finish. All that’s left to do is wait for your much-anticipated Tesla to show up! Soon you’ll be a proud Tesla owner.